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Vanilla Bean Kitchen LLC

Lemon Rosemary Salt

Lemon Rosemary Salt

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Experience the Versatility of Lemon Rosemary Salt - Elevate Your Dishes with Our Flavorful Blend

Looking for a versatile seasoning to take your dishes to the next level? Discover the magic of our Lemon Rosemary Salt, meticulously crafted with organic rosemary, citrusy lemon zest, and premium sea salt. This aromatic blend adds a burst of flavor to any meal, perfect for seasoning roasted veggies, meats, chicken, or even corn on the cob.

At Vanilla Bean Kitchen, we're committed to quality and transparency, ensuring our products are free from artificial colors, flavors, and thickeners. Our Lemon Rosemary Salt not only enhances the natural flavors of your recipes but also adds depth and balance too. Enrich your culinary creations with our genuine blend, and let its versatility and delightful taste elevate your cooking endeavors.

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Kelly Svornik

Love this on roasted vegetables and potatoes!