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Vanilla Bean Kitchen LLC

Double Fold Whole Bean Vanilla Extract

Double Fold Whole Bean Vanilla Extract

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Elevate your baking game with our whole bean vanilla extract! Made with 2 full ounces of grade A vanilla beans per 8 ounces of extract, our product provides the full spectrum of flavor and gorgeous flecks of vanilla in your creations. The richness is enhanced by aging our vanilla extract for a minimum of 12 months. Our rich and decadent vanilla extract looks like melted chocolate and is perfect for adding depth to whipped cream, frostings, creme brulee, ice cream, puddings, overnight oats, pies, cookies, salmon, coffee cream, pancakes, and more.

At Vanilla Bean Kitchen, we're committed to quality and transparency. Our products are free of artificial colors, flavors, thickeners, and other undesirable ingredients. We make our extracts on dedicated equipment to ensure safety from cross-contamination with common allergens.

Our ingredients include whole vanilla beans, organic sugar cane ethanol, distilled water (to reduce the proof of the alcohol to proper extraction strength), and time. Choose from 2-ounce and 4-ounce bottles. Store in a cool, dark cabinet and shake before each use to ensure that the vanilla bean seeds, also known as caviar, are evenly distributed throughout your baked goods. However, if you prefer not to have caviar in your creations, simply skip shaking the bottle. Try our whole bean vanilla extract today and take your baking to the next level!

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Care Instructions

Products are all-natural, without fillers and anticaking agents. Some clumping is to be expected. A few quick taps should resolve the issue. Store products tightly closed, in a dark place, away from heat and light exposure for best results.

Stir products before use with a clean utensil. Clean utensils will help prevent contamination.

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Customer Reviews

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Sydney Fitzjarrell

I'm preparing for college, and my mom bought me the most delicious vanilla extract I've had in my life! The taste has more depth and richness to it than ordinary vanilla extract, and with how potent it is, even just one bottle of this stuff can go a long way! (Luckily I have a few more varieties of vanilla from this shop to experiment with, too).
This would be a great gift for anyone even remotely interested in making food, even as a hobby. It's a little bottle of luxury!