Why Vanilla Bean Kitchen began

Vanilla Bean Kitchen started as a dream to provide safe and high quality ingredients to others. My youngest child was diagnosed with food allergies in infancy. It quickly became apparent commercially prepared food and most restaurants weren't safe options any longer. Food is an integral part of many life celebrations. Accepting food as a potential risk took some time and many kitchen failures.
We experimented in the kitchen, trialed recipes for years to accomodate dietary needs, and have food taste amazing! Many people don't know the foods we bring to gatherings are missing major allergen groups unless they ask or ensure their dietary needs are met. Quality ingredients are the secret!
Vanilla extract, which seems like such a simple kitchen staple, is where it all began. Finding an extract manufacturer with transparency as to what the natural flavors include is difficult. Many manufacturers' customer service agents won't disclose the information since it is proprietary. Next came the famous question "Why can't I just make my own .....?". That question has been the instigator of many adventures in our life. This was no different.
The first batch of whole bean vanilla extract was in a mason jar, tucked away for a year, quietly doing its magic. Once our family tried real, high-quality vanilla, store-bought was never good enough again. Discovering great vanilla inspired many other experiments to see what else could be better. Exploration inspired the innovation to do better at home.
Dietary restrictions can limit the ability to enjoy commercially available foods and many restaurants. Dietary restrictions don't have to limit the fun of exploring food at home while learning. We are here to help provide the quality ingredients to make your kitchen even better. Know your food!