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Welcome to Vanilla Bean Kitchen, where we bring the delicious and comforting flavors of vanilla to your kitchen in Colorado. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, hand-crafted products that are free from artificial colors, flavors, and other undesirable ingredients. Our commitment to transparency and dedication to quality make our offerings, including whole bean vanilla paste, assorted extract varieties like coffee, lavender, almond, and toasted coconut, along with our high-quality vanilla extract, which ages 12 months before bottling, gourmet sugar varieties such as vanilla bean sugar, cinnamon vanilla bean sugar, lavender sugar, and smoked vanilla bean sugar, artisanal salt blends like rosemary salt, lemon rosemary salt, vanilla bean salt, smoked sea salt, and cherrywood smoked bourbon sea salt, gourmet sugar cubes in lavender and vanilla flavors, and bitters, a top choice for home bakers and professional chefs alike.

At Vanilla Bean Kitchen, we offer a range of products that will elevate your culinary creations to new heights of decadence. From our whole bean vanilla extract and paste, made using a full ounce of grade A vanilla beans per 8 ounces of product, to our vanilla-infused sugar and salt, our products are designed to enhance the natural flavors of your recipes. With the rich and complex flavor of our offerings, you can create delicious treats such as creme brulee, ice cream, pies, cookies, and more.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the ingredients we use. We make all of our products in small batches, allowing the flavors to fully mature before packaging. We also use dedicated equipment to ensure the safety of our products and prevent cross-contamination with common allergens. Whether you're a professional baker or a home cook, our versatile and pure vanilla products are sure to bring a touch of warmth and sweetness to your kitchen creations in Colorado. Shop our selection today and discover why Vanilla Bean Kitchen is a top choice for vanilla lovers everywhere.

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