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Vanilla Bean Kitchen LLC

Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Sugar

Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Sugar

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Indulge in the warm and comforting taste of Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Sugar from Vanilla Bean Kitchen. This delectable sugar blend is a great alternative to plain granulated sugar and can be used in a wide range of sweet treats. Add it to your morning oatmeal, brew a delightful cup of coffee or tea, or sprinkle on popcorn for a delicious snack.

Our Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Sugar is carefully hand-crafted in small batches, allowing the flavors to fully mature before packaging. You can trust that our products are preservative-free and made with only high-quality, natural ingredients. No artificial colors, flavors, or questionable additives here.

Each jar contains a blend of organic granulated sugar, ground whole vanilla beans, and organic Korintje cinnamon. Choose from 4oz jars or 8oz refill bags. Shake or stir before using, as the lack of additives may cause the sugar to clump or separate. Upgrade your baking and cooking with the warm and cozy taste of Vanilla Bean Cinnamon Sugar.

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Care Instructions

Products are all-natural, without fillers and anticaking agents. Some clumping is to be expected. A few quick taps should resolve the issue. Store products tightly closed, in a dark place, away from heat and light exposure for best results.

Stir products before use with a clean utensil. Clean utensils will help prevent contamination.

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie L
Morning coffee staple

I discovered Vanilla Bean Kitchen over the summer at the Green Valley Ranch Farmer’s Market. I really love the cinnamon & sugar and lavender infused sugar to use for my morning coffee. Comes in such cute packaging too. Was happy to find her online to purchase from.